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About Us

  • What Are You Selling?
  • We are printing as dyeTee Extraordinary T-Shirts, by producing t-shirts, long-sleeved-sweatshirts and hoddies in dozens of categories such as TV series, movies, characters, music, sports and so on, on Turkish made textile products that are permanent, aesthetic, durable, harmless to health and environmentally friendly.

  • When will my order arrive?
  • dyeTee prepares your order immediately in print and delivers it to your address by courier after providing the necessary final protection. Delivery time varies according to the printing technique to be used in the design you choose. When you order our products as a gift, you can inform the date when you should receive the product through communication channels.

  • Can I request a different color or pattern than the ones in the options?
  • If you see inadequacy in color, cut and similar issues in the available options, you can contact us via communication channels and report your requests. As a result of the evaluation, your requests will be met as much as possible. Your special requests will delay the delivery for a while due to the lead time. This period will be given to you as information.

  • Can I buy a product I designed?
  • In case your designs such as pictures, photographs or texts are sent to us, a special order will be made for your request.

  • How is the Print Quality? Cleaning - How should it be ironed?
  • Our products are printed on first class fabric with plotters, digital printing machines and silk screen technique. The life of the print is extended depending on the frequency of washing and dry cleaning. We guarantee 100 washes when washed inside out at 30 degrees.  Organic and water-based paint that is harmless to health, sprayed on the fabric with our digital printing, gains a natural appearance on the product. Ironing of our products should also be done in reverse.

  • How is the fabric quality?
  • We prefer only 100% cotton fabric for the t-shirts we print. Our hoodies are 3 threads , Our round neck sweatshirts are 2 threads inside raising. Ribbons are available on the waist and wrists.

  • Copyright
  • Dyetee products are created by fans and consist of copyright-free logos and images. When sending the design, it is kindly requested that it be sent in accordance with this. All designs are copyrighted by dyeTee.

  • Communication
  • For all your questions, you can consult our store using the communication channels.